Merry Christmas, 2013

Our digital Christmas card for 2013.

Highlights of the year:

  • Josh turned 30
  • Jacob learned to walk
  • Josh dominated Vision Quest
  • We traveled to Big Bear a few times
  • Jacob and I went to Disneyland almost once a week
  • We also went to Pretend City, LegoLand, the LA Zoo, Big Bear Zoo, Orange County Zoo, Santa Ana Zoo and Detroit Zoo
  • We did a lot of hiking
  • Josh competed in his first triathlon
  • Jacob and I traveled to Detroit to visit my family and we did a TON of fun stuff there
  • Josh and I traveled to Cancun

(In no particular order)

He loves cars:

IMG_3014 The Castle Rock trail in Big BearIMG_2932 IMG_2930

Also from Big Bear in JulyIMG_2836 IMG_2834 IMG_2827 Fourth of JulyIMG_2816 IMG_2790 IMG_2761 IMG_2755 Jacob, 18 months old, in my parents’ backyard:IMG_2634 IMG_2612 Nielsen Family Reunion in Coloma, CA. Jacob was sick and we didn’t get a lot of pictures. 😦IMG_2464 IMG_2334 IMG_2331 IMG_2290 Huntington Beach, AugustIMG_2177 IMG_2166 IMG_2157 Disneyland:IMG_2010 Big Bear mountain bike race:IMG_1863 Over the Hump race at Irvine Lake:IMG_1478 Laguna Beach:IMG_0487 Family Photos in February:IMG_0239

Out to dinner for Josh’s 30th Birthday:IMG_6889 Jacob learns to walk; January 2013:IMG_6829 A photo of his first haircut; October 2013:IMG_5792 Halloween, as Billy Idol:IMG_5659 IMG_5649 The Irvine Park pumpkin patch:IMG_5534 IMG_5526 IMG_5487 IMG_5473 Cancun, Mexico; OctoberIMG_5450 IMG_5428 Old Man’s beach; OctoberIMG_4789 IMG_4719 The Detroit zoo; September (Jacob is sleeping)IMG_4616 Detroit zooIMG_4597 IMG_4578 Apple orchard in Michigan; Jacob is obsessed with tractors!IMG_4440 IMG_4431 IMG_4425 Going on a hay ride…IMG_4407 Jacob in front of Joe Louis’ fist; DetroitIMG_4247 Hitsville, USA: the home of Motown; DetroitIMG_4162 IMG_4157 Irvine ParkIMG_3803 IMG_3784 Big Bear; JulyIMG_3348 IMG_3277 IMG_3268 IMG_3232 IMG_3124 IMG_3077 IMG_3033

Valentine’s DayIMG_9068 We remodeled the backyard, then proceeded to enjoy it!IMG_9053 Jacob finds a tube of lipstick:IMG_8834 Big Bear; JulyIMG_8720 IMG_8702 IMG_8690 Just a trip to Costco…IMG_8634 Backyard demo:IMG_8544 At Legoland:IMG_8472 Old Town Orange; JuneIMG_8432 Mommy’s new bicycle:IMG_8294_2 Disneyland:IMG_8231 Just another day with Jacob:IMG_8122 Las Vegas at the KISS mini golf course:IMG_8098 Bellagio garden, AprilIMG_8074 Las Vegas; AprilIMG_8003 IMG_8002 Disneyland:IMG_7974 Easter…Jacob was not a fan of the bunny. He’s complacent here, holding daddy’s keys…IMG_7933 Hiking Crystal Cove State ParkIMG_7929 This is how he looked the rest of the time Easter bunny…IMG_7591 IMG_7588 Big Bear; MarchIMG_7341 Disneyland; FebruaryIMG_7319 US Cup Race:IMG_7290 At cousin Madison’s birthday, and Jacob just loved the horses:IMG_7272 Disneyland in the Monster’s Inc ride:IMG_7164 More from February portraits:IMG_7067 Disneyland:IMG_7021 Valentine’s Day:IMG_6986 IMG_6984 Pretend City Children’s MuseumIMG_6949

Explor Cancun, in an underground river:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ziplining in Cancun:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADid I mention it was raining? Awesome!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Our fifth wedding anniversary, at Top of the World park in Laguna BeachIMG_9916 Josh did his first triathlon! (And dominated, of course)IMG_9845 Another tractor shot from MI:IMG_9811 At the world famous American Coney Island in downtown Detroit:IMG_9808 Jacob packed himself into my suitcase:IMG_9764 Halloween:IMG_9654 Vision Quest 2013: Josh finished 13th overall!! AMAZING.IMG_9641 IMG_9639 And he was happy as he approached the finish line!

“It’s cool…I just climbed three mountains…no big deal…”IMG_9634 Easter:IMG_9610 Also from Top of the World on our anniversary:IMG_9562 Big Bear hike:IMG_9554 Hiking Santiago Oaks park in Orange:IMG_9537 More from Easter:IMG_9524 Fifteen months old:IMG_9467 At the park with Dadoooo:IMG_9433 IMG_9432 IMG_9387Nightly walks…
IMG_9238 Lounging in the backyard:
IMG_9171 IMG_9117 IMG_9116

It’s been a great year, although it has had its ups and downs. I am still feeling incredibly blessed. I can’t wait to see what 2014 will hold for us.

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