36 weeks

*ahem. This didn’t get posted. And I am only now noticing somehow. I  currently 37 weeks 2 days.*

I have now been pregnant for 9 months! I am due in 4 weeks. Personally, I’m hoping baby O2 is late, like Jacob was, to give me more time to heal and be walking on this ankle! I have two weeks until I can try any weight-bearing. I have decided that July 1 would be a great birthday. Just 12 days overdue? 

I felt large at 28 weeks, and around 32 I felt small. Well the weight of this belly has caught up with me at this point. I’m like an overturned turtle. 

Except hopping. 

Stay in there, little guy!

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1 Response to 36 weeks

  1. michele says:

    you are beautiful !!!!

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