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Best salad ever recipe

It’s here! I finally typed it up all nice and pretty so you can print it out!  Click the link below for my pickled vegetable salad. Later on, I’ll post a recipe for pickled vegetables! Pickled vegetable salad

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Traeger nachos

Yum: nachos smoked on a wood pellet grill. Our new Traeger helped us make this delicious dinner. Layers of chips, Trader Joe’s enchilada sauce, Mexican rice, black beans, and cheese topped with chicken covered in taco seasoning and also cooked … Continue reading

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Wedge salad with healthy blue cheese

Mmmm the steakhouse wedge! This dressing is made from nonfat yogurt, lowfat mayo, a purée of cauliflower and zucchini, and blue cheese!

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Green Korey dressing

Similar to Green Goddess dressing but focused on what was in my fridge: Buttermilk Mayo Green onion Parsley Basil Garlic Lemon zest Salt and pepper Blend and enjoy!

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Burgers and onion rings

Mmm last week we grilled some burgers and enjoyed these delicious baked onion rings with chipotle ranch dressing. Yum! Recipe from Real Simple magazine.

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What to make for dinner

Mmmmm Pesto chicken on sourdough with spinach and sprouts. Spaghetti squash with Alfredo sauce

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Dinner! Lemon chicken and rice with artichokes, garlic green beans, parsley carrots

Lemon chicken and rice with artichokes (recipe here) from Cooking Light http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/lemon-chicken-rice-with-artichokes-10000000577187/ Garlic green beans: toss steamed green beans with butter, garlic powder, and sea salt Parsley carrots: toss steamed carrots with butter and chopped fresh parsley Other posts you … Continue reading

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Dinner! BBQ Meatball Sandwiches

This dinner started with this recipe: BBQ Meatball SlidersBBQ Meatball Sliders I made a ton of meatballs and froze enough for several other dinners. I made sandwiches instead of sliders using ciabatta rolls. Instead of the cole slaw I made … Continue reading

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Dinner! Fresh marinara and chicken Parmesan

Fresh Tomato Marinara and Chicken Parmesan My dad gave me a bunch of homegrown tomatoes and I have been enjoying them all summer. If I had more than I could eat at any given time, I boiled them and froZe … Continue reading

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Mmmm s’more waffle

For my birthday, up in Big Bear, Linda brought a recipe and the ingredients for this delicious treat! Basically you take frozen waffles, toast them, and add Nutella (or peanut butter!), chocolate chips, and marshmallows, then toast in the broiler. … Continue reading

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