To the park!

We took off for  park on foot, which is a big deal because it’s over a mile up the hill from us. The kids were great sports, sitting in the wagon and occasionally pretending to read the mail. ​

Our goal was to fly a kite, and we did!

The walk home was quite slow, especially because, for a whole or, Jackson wanted to walk and then pull the wagon, and when we were almost home he fell asleep. Poor little guy. 

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Jacob: First and Last Day of TK

The first day:

The Last Day:

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Little forklift operators

​​​josh: making kids’ dreams come true since 2011. 


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Summer is like…

Swimming lessons…​




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Family from Ireland 

My mom’s cousin’s daughter just got married and came to CA on her honeymoon. She very sweetly visited us on her trip with her new husband! Claire (center) and Chris are traveling all over CA and Mexico, and it was so nice of them to make time for us. I hadn’t ever met her before as she has always lived in Ireland. Maybe someday I will visit them! 

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Happy birthday, Mimi

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Summer is here!

We have quite the list:

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Jacob is no longer a preschooler 

My little boy is growing up and moving on from St. Paul’s Preschool. I will miss this school so much! 

On Monday, I was able to volunteer in his class, something I had wanted to do all year. It was fascinating too watch the kids figure things out on the playground, and to see how the teachers handled disagreements and corrections. 

Inside the classroom, the kids got to work at their “appointments” as busy as bees while classical music played in the background. Jacob painted the rocket he made in woodworking, and I helped another boy sew a dinosaur. The end of class was a meeting, during which the kids who had made special things (written a book, or taken home the estimation jar, etc) presented at their tiny lectern. It was incredible to see. I have video of jacob presenting his rocket to the class and then taking three questions. 

I made teacher gifts of s’mores for each of his four teachers who split the responsibility of the 31 4- and 5-year-olds in his class. I think they deserve some downtime!

I made him an extra-special breakfast:

And we took some last day photos:

At the end of his day was a special chapel with Pastor Kay. The kids sang their favorite songs and at the end, Pastor Kay blessed each student and gave him or her a cross necklace. 

We checked his cubby for the last time:

And he sang his final “nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goodbye.”

It was bittersweet and rushed then, leaving. The teachers were very busy, but we got pictures with two of them. 

And, just like that, it was over. Jacob has had three fantastic years at St. Paul’s, and when you’re five years old, three years really means a lot! Now he is off to kindergarten!

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Happy birthday, Bop

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Discovery Science Center with Grammie

We were so excited to return to “the cube!” 

The featured exhibits were Doc McStuffins and an outer space exhibit by Boeing. Jackson loved the Doc exhibit. it was full of cribs and baby bathtubs and a vet clinic, and he enjoyed grooming and feeding baby dolls and a plastic piggy bank. Jacob was not impressed. 



“Flying” like birds in the Boeing space exhibit. 

A space movie:


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