Jackson has been escaping his crib at night, and we wanted to know how.

Then (of course) Jacob had to try, and his attempt was ready for video.

And as a bonus, here is the video my wacky Jacob asked me to take of his armpits. Why?

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Bestest Christmas present ever!!

I can’t tell you all how much I love my digital piano from josh! It has a full 88-key board and the keys are weighted to feel heavy and substantial like piano keys. It sounds marvelous, and the best part is that I can plug headphones into it and play while the kids are sleeping! (Actually the best part is playing again…pure bliss). I’m finding that I’m not half bad for taking more time away from playing than the amount of years I took lessons!

I am playing a lot of my old sheet music, but I am open to suggestions for places to get more and expand my repertoire. Any suggestions?

And of course THANK YOU, JOSH!

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You should see the other guy!

This was an unfortunate frisbee accident.

Not a terrible black eye, but I think it looks worse in person.

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Introducing the mini-daddies

Stretching on a foam roller:

Climbing a ladder:

just generally being dangerous and scary.

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Josh at Casper’s race

This guy.

He doesn’t let you know when he’s doing something really awesome because he doesn’t want to brag, so I will brag for him. Last weekend he entered the open class (read: the top riders) at a race in Casper’s Park. He came in sixth place, 15 seconds out of fourth place. The first three finishers were pro riders. That’s just crazy.

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Crazy sock day

Even Jackie got in on the excitement!

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Biking on a Sunday evening

We enjoyed a beautiful evening out if doors with some crazy bike riding tonight.

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A trip to Glamis

Another reason to love this crazy, expensive state. A four-hour drive brings one to the Imperial Sand Dunes and an endless vista of sand. The sand is beautiful, smooth, and powdery, and the mountains and valleys of it are impressive and formidable.


Sunrise over the Salton Sea.


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A day at preschool

I made this little movie so everyone can experience a day with Jackie at his lovely school.

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Josh rides Critical Mass

Josh likes to do a large road bike ride on New Year’s Day callee Critical Mass. it’s a century ride (100 miles) and a ton of riders attend.

See this video of an old one to get an idea:

2014 New Year’s Day ride

This year he said he was in the top five riders at the front of the pack! A picture his friend captured:

And another one without josh to show how large the group was:

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