6 month checkup

Jacob had his 6 month checkup last week. (he was 6.5 months old)

This was an important one, as his first year is half over!

Here are his stats:
length:27 inches, 60th percentile, grown 6 inches since birth.
weight:16 lb. 11.9 oz., 30th percentile, gained 8.97 lb.

He is meeting and exceeding all developmental milestones. His big goal was to double his weight in the first 6 months, and he clearly has. Thanks to the magical powers of breastmilk, I don’t need to worry about his weight as long as he is gaining. The fact that he’s a bit under average is probably just due to a growth spurt. It’s impossible for a breastfed baby to be overweight, which is great as obesity in infancy pretty much guarantees it in later life. He is such a great eater that I think I’ll be more flexible with how much I feed him if he seems hungry and let him lead his solids process.

Good news, all, and the best news: his next appointment is at 9 months and he doesn’t need shots! Woohoo!

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