Nielsen Family Reunion 2013

Well, it’s not the way I imagined this post looking..I had planned on having more pictures of people and events, but due to Jacob’s scary high fever, we were cooped up indoors quite a bit. When we were around the family I was holding him; he didn’t want to be apart from me for an instant. So these are the pictures I could get on a hike and walk around Coloma. IMG_2221

James Marshall discovered gold in Coloma and started the Gold Rush.IMG_2215Nielsen Family Reunion 2013

(An argonaut is a diver!)


The inside of a Mormon cabin.


Another view inside the cabin.

IMG_2225 IMG_2226 IMG_2228 IMG_2237 IMG_2222IMG_2257 IMG_2254 IMG_2239 IMG_2238IMG_2237 IMG_2252 IMG_2230

So much cool moss. Am I weird that I find it so interesting?? This (above) might even be an air plant. Super cool.IMG_2228

Beautiful, right? But don’t touch! Yikes…

IMG_2248 IMG_2465

Josh’s Aunt Shelly and Uncle Luis are performing a flag retirement ceremony. It’s a really neat thing to experience if you haven’t. A worn and battered flag is ceremoniously turned over to the flames. The ashes of the flag are buried in a special spot as well, so that every bit of the flag’s life is full of respect.


IMG_2462 IMG_2461 IMG_2460 IMG_2459 IMG_2458 IMG_2455

Laci jumped in the river!IMG_2454 IMG_2452 IMG_2451IMG_2447IMG_2441IMG_2440IMG_2413IMG_2405IMG_2402 IMG_2452 IMG_2401 IMG_2451 IMG_2396 IMG_2447 IMG_2395 IMG_2440 IMG_2393 IMG_2415 IMG_2392 IMG_2413 IMG_2391IMG_2396 IMG_2390 IMG_2395 IMG_2389 IMG_2394 IMG_2388 IMG_2392 IMG_2387IMG_2386IMG_2381IMG_2380IMG_2378IMG_2377IMG_2376IMG_2367IMG_2365IMG_2363 IMG_2364 IMG_2359IMG_2358IMG_2357IMG_2356 IMG_2355IMG_2354IMG_2353

The Schoolhouse
IMG_2351IMG_2349 IMG_2348

An operational blacksmith shop.

IMG_2348 IMG_2345 IMG_2346 IMG_2340IMG_2337 IMG_2344 IMG_2333 IMG_2342 IMG_2331IMG_2330

Sick Jacob is waving to the camera.

IMG_2324IMG_2323 IMG_2322IMG_2320

😦 Poor baby

IMG_2311IMG_2306IMG_2303 IMG_2313 IMG_2301 IMG_2298IMG_2303 IMG_2293IMG_2298 IMG_2290 IMG_2289IMG_2288IMG_2286IMG_2284IMG_2281IMG_2264

A beautiful fire station in Auburn.

IMG_2263IMG_2258 IMG_2257Coloma, California

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