• I’m eating. See my toes getting bigger?
  • Only I can wrestle with a fish.
  • Hey, where’s the back of my nose? (he asked while rubbing his nose; then checked the back of his head.)
  • [After we explained that the back of his nose is inside his head]:  The back of my nose is in here (points to face) that’s where I keep the back of my noise. I don’t want it to get out. It could get lost.
  • Police car boat says “everybody got jackets on?” [After a trip to the lake on Grammie and OT’s boat.]
  • *sigh* I’m fer-us-ter-ated (frustrated) ‘cuz you said we are almost home to eat lunch.
  • Those trees were burned by fire. I’m sorry, poor trees, that the fire got you.
  • I need ‘ta take a bref’!
  • C’mon mouse, come to my house! [“Why?”] ‘Cuz I want to keep him ‘cuz he’s my friend!
  • Mama, I don’t be-LEEVE that tractor!
  • I love you, my monkey mommy.
  • You are my mouse mommy.
  • I got a gabloon from the cupcake guy! (balloon)
  • See my ‘fum? Better run! … Your father told me that.
  • I’m gonna goo-goo it. [Because mommy often answers his questions with “I’m not sure — I’m going to Google it!”]
  • [When asked if he had any dreams last night]: I dreamed about snakes, and wiggly worms, and ‘piders that eat little tiny bugs, and scary birds that eat snakes!
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