Baby O2 updates

All is well.
I got to see him in the second trimester survey ultrasound, stretching his legs (with thighs that already seem to resemble Jacob’s–and Josh’s) and putting his delicate hand to his mouth, maybe to suck his thumb?
We are discussing names, but no, we don’t have one.
I’m working on the nursery. I will share an inspiration board next week. I have been making a quilt (!!!) for his room, and I’m super excited about it. I really love it. If someday he doesn’t like it anymore it will be my couch blankie. đŸ™‚
I have an appointment tomorrow during which I’ll ask about the numb hands issue. This morning one hurt so much I was actually thrashing around in pain as I woke up. I shook it and dangled it over the bed and that hand would not stop hurting.
That’s all for now!

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  1. michele says:

    family history names Sidney, Louis ,Fredrick,Robert,Arthur,Kenneth,Fawn or Finner oh and Richard,Bonnie and Eugene kind plain huh ?? maybe a middle name BUT if you were having a Girl I would definetly use Michele lol lol Loveyou

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