First purchases for baby O2

Now that I pretty much believe he is real, I have bought two onesies for baby O2. I still don’t really see myself having two children, or having a newborn again (SO SCARY), but part of my brain has accepted the fact that he is most likely going to be joining us this June. I am excited to get out all of the cute and carefully cleaned and packed-away clothing that once was Jacob’s, but I thought the little guy could use some clothes of his own. I don’t want to not celebrate his life…I do think all babies should be celebrated, and I’m finding my own ways to do that. 🙂
I also worry that Jacob, being a December baby, had very different clothes than what this one will need. When I get things out…well, let’s worry about that another day. I have enough to worry about. Without further ado…


What do you think?

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