26 weeks

Week 26 came in with a bang. Quite literally. 

On Thursday, the Santa Aña winds started blowing. If you aren’t familiar, they are usually warm/hot/dry winds that come from over the Santa Aña mountains. They usually bring hot and gross weather, and fire danger. In any case, they started up out of nowhere as Jacob and I got to preschool. The doors were slamming and the wind was gusting like crazy. As we left, I was loading Jacob in the truck when I gust of wind came and slammed the door of the truck into my stomach. It knocked me off my feet a little. It also really, really hurt. I called my doctor and waited for a call back. In the meantime, I had some juice and laid on my bed, hoping to feel the baby move. He didn’t. The nurse who called wanted me seen immediately in labor and delivery. Jacob and I headed over to the hospital and were checked into a room for observation. I was contracting, so they gave me IV fluids and had me lie there for hours to see if the contractions would stop. In the meantime, I got some ultrasound pictures and Jacob watched the small hospital tv. Once the blood work was finished and the doctor was satisfied that I was no longer contracting, they sent me home. I think we were there about 5 hours. I’m feeling very fortunate that nothing was wrong! It’s amazing how fragile, how tenuous life can be. 

The first picture is my favorite ring sling (baby carrier) being used as a belly support for my morning walk. It helps me to avoid getting a stitch in my side or stomach. 

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