Cute things Jacob says

WordPress keeps deleting what I spend precious time typing. Sorry for the issues. Dear WordPress: knock it off!

oh my friends: Jacob is so cute. He says the cutest things all day. I can’t even write them all down because there are  so many. He just cracks me up. Oftentimes the things he says are so sweet or so intelligent that I am left wondering where this incredible little person came from. Here is a small sample. 

About the new truck: “can I go with you to get it?”
“I don’t think so, buddy, because I have to go to work, too.”
“But I’m your best friend!”
Twoly woly road
The whole woild is the errff 
What do you know…purple matches. 
Right away! Now! Stad! Asa!
Sparkles are freckles 
Koko I’m tired of chasing. Want to belax?
If daddy doesn’t give me more trail mix, my tummy will rumble. 
Scrubby dubby
These are my favorite chips in the whole tired world. 
Koko you are getting a bath because you are dtinky like skunk. 
Slurpee = slappy then slompy drink then slampy 
Chuck E cheezit 
Mama, I love you as much as an elephant is big. 

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