30 weeks

i feel as though this should be a milestone of sorts, right? I have a hard time figuring out what month I am in (because 40 weeks = ten months!) but it’s hard to deny that time is passing quickly when there are only ten weeks left.  Two and a half months. (!!)

I love the amount of movement I’m  feeling. It’s so awesome to feel twitches and kicks. I am starting to have a hard time moving around: getting out of chairs or off of the ground is never pretty. Sometimes I feel like my stomach muscles are tearing apart. My legs have a lot more work to do…oh and I’m quite tired. Like, some days the post-dinner dishes feel like an insurmountable obstacle. This could also be due to the fact that j still have a sinus infection. It’s been so long… Five weeks? Six? My head feels foggy and heavy and I’m sure I’m feeling generally run down. I went to the doctor today and received three weeks of antibiotics. My original dose was ten days. I’m hoping the pressure in my head leaves soon. 

In any case, I think I’m feeling pretty great, considering. I still get around pretty well and I get a lot done. I’m hoping I won’t get too much bigger. 

We are close to a name! It’s true. I can’t publicize, because we haven’t really decided, but we are getting close. 🙂



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1 Response to 30 weeks

  1. laurajayne1980 says:

    Love the photos!!! You look cute!!! Hope you feel better soon from the meds!!! no fun to be sick that long!!! Can’t wait to hear the name you decide on!! 😉

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