My angel

you guys. 

This sweet creature has been such a good boy. He gets impatient, of course, but he’s been through a lot for the past week, and has responded so well. A change of routine is always tough for little guys, and while we have had some questions and tears, we have mainly had really good behavior and astounding maturity. He is sweet and gentle with me, and his nightly prayers are the most beautiful I’ve ever heard. “Thank you for EVERYTHING, God! Thank you for mommy, and daddy, and baby brother. Thank you for KoKo and monkey and baby doll. Please Jeegus, please heal mommy’s ankle. She needs your power. Amen!” He reassures me daily that everything will be alright. 

And you know something? I really believe him. 

He could be acting like his whole world is upside-down (which it is) and seeking reassurance constantly, and yet he is comforting me with the complete confidence of a guy who knows that this world is good and things will work out for us all in the end. 

How beautiful is that?  

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1 Response to My angel

  1. Kim ward says:

    He is the sweetest little guy!! He has been patient, good as gold and entertaining as could be!! Many laughs whenever he’s around!!
    And lots of sweet hugs and kisses!!

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