Hiking the Oaks

Hiking looks a little different these days.    
Hold on. There’s a butterfly!    Anyway, it looks different now. Remember all those pictures of Jacob on my back at the top of the hills? Well now Jackson is on my front, Jacob is in the stroller, and my ankle won’t allow for much climbing. Our mobility is seriously limited. 

    See that tiny speck on the top of the hill?

I zoomed in, but it’s not much better. Anyway, that’s where I used to stop and take a photo with Jacob. About a million miles from me now. The feeling of accomplishment when I made it up there…well, I hope to feel that again. I do miss those days: me and my Jacob, hiking and talking, or just shifting his weight as he fell asleep and I tucked his head into the strong fabric. When the trail would get steep he would grab my shoulders and tell me that he wouldn’t let me fall.  Don’t get me wrong: I’m very grateful for my physical progress with my ankle. I just miss how things used to be. It’s hard to accept how much has changed. 

One day…

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