Four Months Old

Sweetieheart Jackson is four months old. I know I say this every time, but oh my goodness he is so sweet and joyful and just wonderful! IMG_3593 edity

He is a friendly little creature, and loves to smile and then shyly hide his face. He has been “talking” up a storm: great big squeals and squeaks that ring out from his happy little face with his brow furrowed in concentration. He is soft and smooth and as delectably squishy as a marshmallow. We can’t stop squishing his thighs and soft cheeks. His legs barely fit into this silly little chair! They make a very sound when you squish them into the leg holes: a squeak and then a “thunk” as the chunky thigh plops into the opening. IMG_3602 edit IMG_3603 edit IMG_3607 edit

He loves to wrap his little hands around anything he can reach, grabbing for my hair, kitchen utensils, his brother’s nose…and he gets MAD when things fall from his reach. It’s quite funny because he’s such a happy creature that when he gets mad it’s as if a storm cloud has passed over his sunny face. He will YELL his frustration and he sounds quite pitiful. 🙂  IMG_3608 edit IMG_3609 edit IMG_3612 edit

He loves his brother so much. Whenever Jacob enters the room, Jackson’s face lights up and he stares at Jacob. he laughs in the most adorable fashion at Jacob–it’s like a breathless squeal of joy that he repeats a few times. Jacob really likes to get in Jackson’s face, and Jackson doesn’t mind in the slightest. He focuses those big eyes on his brother and just loves everything he sees.IMG_3762 edit IMG_3771 edit IMG_3784 edit

As you can see in these pictures, he is quite comfortable on his stomach, and will roll over instantly and push himself up like this. He’s quite proud of this skill as well. He is very strong and when he’s excited his little arms and legs start to move wildly. When he wants to stand up, he does, and you cannot bend him in half and hold him in the cradle hold. IMG_3805 edit IMG_3807 edit IMG_3823 edit IMG_3824 edit IMG_3827 edit IMG_3837 edit IMG_3838 edit IMG_3840 edit IMG_3856 edit IMG_3857 edit

He has been drooling buckets and buckets. He will soak through his clothes if I don’t put a bib on him. The pediatrician says she sees swelling on his gums, and I think I see the bottom gums flattening out for those bottom teeth to come in. He is all gummy smiles and drool now, though, and I am enjoying this “babyness.” I’m in no rush for him to grow up!IMG_3863 edit IMG_3875 edit

He has his same birth hair/fuzz, but has recently grown some long, straggly, (and I think curly!) hairs on the top of his head. You can really see them when the light shines through his hair and they are so funny and cute. 
IMG_3877 edit

When he’s not busy grabbing things and putting them in his mouth (our hands, anything nearby, his own clothes) he is grabbing his feet. I should remember to photograph that. It’s darling. He’s darling.IMG_3884 edit IMG_3889 edit IMG_3904 edit

In short, and as usual, he is an absolute joy.

Stats for this month:

He weighs 16 pounds, 12.4 ounces, putting him in the 75% for weight.

He is in the 92nd percentile for height.

He is absolutely perfect in every way, a joy and a blessing.IMG_3905 edit

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