A day in the life

We wake up, eat breakfast (which is difficult without a sink–our plumbing is clogged.) And we all get bathed and dressed. We are out the door at 8:35 to take Jacob to school. Today is a special day because he has a Thanksgiving “Feast” and guests are invited!

The setup at St. Paul’s Epsicopal. 

    They sing, they pray, they dance. We eat muffins that they made. (They are delicious).
After a rousing spin around the dance floor with Jacob to “the Turkey Dance,” Jackson and I are off to the Yoga Mat in Orange for my La Leche League meeting. 

We have a pretty good turnout for a holiday week with several regulars and two brand new moms. The meeting is lovely. Lots of support and information is shared. After we lock up the studio, we return home. Mimi and Bop have picked up Jacob from school and taken him to lunch. Bop is reading to Jacob (about 15 books.) They brought me two tacos, which I scarf down. Nap time! Bop and Mimi leave, and everyone lays down for a nap. 




 I roll away stealthily and place a pillow where I was lying, as a decoy. 

  It doesn’t work. Unfortunately for me, Jackson isn’t interested in sleeping without me, so I carry him around the house, picking up with my free hand and putting things away. I heat up my neck heat pack because my neck has been bothering me (maybe it’s the constant baby carrying and one-handed housework?) I give Jackson a couple of toys and get on the computer. I’ve been trying to get on the IRS website to get an EIN number assigned to our LLL group so that we can open a bank account and set up a square card reader (to accept credit cards). We are hoping this will make fundraising easier, and that it will help us stay on top of memberships. Jackson doesn’t last long, and soon I’m holding a fussy baby and bouncing on my stability ball/desk chair while attempting to type with one hand. Just as I’m about to finish that process, Jacob is awake and comes bounding into the room. An entire house and yard, 1,750 square feet of space, and all three humans are within 3 square feet of it. 

  He is bouncing on the stability ball, feet right behind my bottom, and holding onto my shoulders. I cringe, fearing he will fall, we will all fall, or he will rip my hair out. 
   Enough of that. 
Then daddy walks in from work. He showers quickly and we all head to the garage to hang out. 

As you can see, the garage is under construction. The blue tape marks where Josh’s cabinets will be once they are built. 

I get the mail. Christmas plus Jacob’s birthday and our Blue Apron dinners equal a stack of packages. Not sure how they thought I would open the door to retrieve them…

OT stops by for a round of pool. I gather up the necessities for both boys and we are out the door again, heading to Farrell’s for dinner. 

We needed to use the awesome coupons that Jacob got trick-or-treating!

Mimi, Bop, and Carlee meet us there. It seems we are the only table NOT celebrating a birthday. The servers are really fun and Jacob is loving it. When they take out the drum he asks where he can get one like that (no way.) He is fascinated by the birthday songs, and dances along. 

After dinner we have our sundaes. Jacob barely has three bites and his belly is full. 

We head home for pajamas and waiting beds. I take out my contacts and balance both halves of my broken glasses on my nose. 

One side or the other constantly falls off. I employ some scotch tape and get ready for bed. 

After talking to josh for a few minutes I am in dreamland. Another wonderful day in the books!

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