Jacob says

The latest compilation of adorable and hilarious Jacob-isms.

You are strong, mommy. (After hurting me)

I can go in this fewwis wheel cuz I am not scary, I am brave.

I wish I could…
Go down that road and see that crane. I wish I could.

I love you, strawberry mommy.

Abracadabra I disappeared myself to Mimi’s house!

Beep beep hot sauce

Smell my neck. Do I smell like stinky cheese? No. I smell like apples because I took a bathtub.

I’m a robot beep boop.

Goodnight apple daddy! Goodnight strawberry mommy! Goodnight peach Jacob!

I dreamed of shakes and octopuses!

Why do elephants like mud bathes?

What do you see, Jacob?
I see bugs! Bugs in the desert. All over the dirt. They are mean bugs! They turn on the tv and broke it. They broke cartoons. I am going to teach those bugs a lesson!

Why don’t dinosaurs eat gabritos?
I don’t know why?
Because they don’t fit in Taco Bell!

Crazy hot butter

Slow down, cowpoke

We have a mystery!

Mama, is it Wednesday?
No, it’s Tuesday. Tomorrow is Wednesday.
(Really sad little voice)You’re bweaking my heart when you say Wednesday is tomorrow.

These pants are killing me! They are tighty tight tight!

I saw a tell again!
A what?
A tell again. You know–a spooky guy. (A skeleton)

Abracadabra let me turn into a cookie!

What do fish eat? I know. They eat pickles.
I don’t think they have pickles under the water…
Well that’s because people drop them in the water! They don’t bite them, they only lick them.
Oh, really?
Yeah, but only cooked pickles.
How do you cook a pickle.
In the oven!

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