The latest from preschool

i love Jacob’s school. One of the many reasons is that the teachers take pictures during class and upload them to a shutterfly site so that we can see them in action. It’s awesome. I also love that they encourage the kids to play in the rain, that Jacob can spell his name out on a keyboard because he recognizes the letters, and that he does things like wood shop, sewing, and music class. He has been especially excited about the Post Office they conducted for the four weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. Here is the latest:


This lovely school, in case you were wondering, is a Reggio school. They believe in play-based learning. Kids need play to learn crucial skills like cooperation. They build empathy and a desire to learn, whereas worksheet-based programs lead to memorization of things children forget. 

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1 Response to The latest from preschool

  1. Kim Ward says:

    He Loves his school!!
    And oh my, I love that sweet boy!!

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