Michigan part I

we made it to Michigan, and enjoyed walking around my aunt and uncles beautiful neighborhood. There is a forest behind their house full of trails through tall trees, and it reminds of Sherwood Forest. I expect Robin Hood to pop out at any time.

We traveled to the Ford Rouge Plant in Dearborn. They do not allow phones or cameras in the assembly line area, but take my word for it: it is fascinating!

The pictured above are from the Henry Ford museum.

We were hungry after all that learning, so we hopped over to Detroit and American Coney Island.

I loved seeing the community gardens right in the heart of downtown. It was raining pretty steadily at this point, so we couldn’t do a lot of walking around.

After a nice dinner (and pretty clouds) we started a new day with a walk in the forest.

Then we were off downriver to expose Jacob to a root beer float. The A&W drive in was a faithful stop for us on our summer trips when we stayed with my grandma. They bring your food and hang it in your car window on a tray, and the root beer is on tap and served in a frosty mug.

At cousin Michele’s house, the boys got to ride on her mower! That’s some serious fun!

and maybe even drive it!

More to come…

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