Happy Mother’s Day

Today is a day that should not need a holiday. I feel as though I was aware of the importance of moms before I became one, but really, how could I have been? It’s a calling that, when diligently performed, requires sacrifice and service in such tangible ways, but in so many intangible ones as well. When you hear about dying to self in a sermon, I think the moms nod knowingly, as we have tasted one small ounce of what that means in mothering our children. I have a long way to go, and my reluctance to stop jacob from wanting to spoil me this morning is proof of that. 🙂 I suppose I felt as though I had earned one morning of spoiling.

On Saturday, my guys surprised me with beautiful flowers, which is always lovely.

I enjoyed Jacob’s handwritten note:

And a beautiful rose from my niece, Alexis.

My Mother’s day started with a handwritten “menu” of sorts, on which i was to check off what I wanted for breakfast in bed:

In case you don’t read kindergartener, he writes: “things that jacob can make” and with empty boxes for check marks: “cut up fruit,” “cereal” and “walk for bagels.”

He even jumped onto my bathroom counter to clean the mirror:

He scratched my arm and kissed me and insisted I stay in bed and rest. Daddy helped him prepare my cut up fruit and he fed me some, eating most of the banana slices while we talked.

We all walked to Panera for bagels, and Jacob held my hand. The kids presented me with their gifts: a jewelry box made by Jackie and a piece of art made by Jacob.

We came home to watch some family movies (slideshows from past years) and later that afternoon were off to Mimé’s to celebrate with dessert and family.

My little Mother’s Day gifts for the gals today:

Back home, we barbecued burgers with my mom and dad, and called it a night.

I am tired, and feeling extremely blessed. I still can’t believe I get to spend my days with these two. Every moment (okay almost every moment) is precious and transcendent and reminds me of all the good to be found in this crazy, often ugly world.

Motherhood is hard work, sure. The hours are long and the work is physically and emotionally draining. But it is a calling like no other, and when done right, can teach one all she needs to know about love.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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