The poltergeist that wasn’t

This afternoon, out of nowhere, both of our garage doors started opening and closing, rapidly, on their own. I searched the kids for remotes. Jackson was sleeping but I patted him down anyway. I checked the box of car washing supplies I had used earlier (maybe a remote fell in and was being smooshed?) I disconnected the doors and yet the motors kept sliding back and forth, part of the way down and back. I unplugged one of them to stop it from moving, but couldn’t reach the plug on the other. I finally called the installer of the doors and he was confused as well. He walked me through resetting both motors, and I did, knowing that I would have to reset every remote if I did. He told me to leave the doors alone for one hour and see if they started to move. I busied myself, emptying the dishwasher and then the dryer. And then I found it. In Jackson’s clothes on the dryer was not one, but TWO garage remotes. They survived a wash cycle and went crazy during the dry.

Lil stinker…

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