I mentioned before that I planted my uncle Dave’s favorite rose in my front yard, the Peace rose. He visited my parents one year and planted one in their yard as a thank-you gift for staying with them. I thought I could start a new tradition and plant one wherever I live as a little “peace” of him. (Sorry that was an awful pun, but I HAD to).
Peace rose:

Well this weekend I went out to get some more bare-root roses before they are all gone, and I found another “tribute rose” — the Chicago Peace rose. You may be aware that my beloved cousin Bree is in Chicago right now, and I miss her SOOOOOO much, so I thought this would be a fitting rose to plant. It’s like the Peace rose, but peach and pink instead of white and pink. Isn’t it beautiful!?

Chicago Peace:

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3 Responses to Roses

  1. Brean says:

    AWWWWW those are my favorite colored ones too!!!!! There is no better reminder than beautiful flowers! Thanks Korey!

  2. rodger says:

    I just put in my Veggy garden..and of course it's raining and cold now. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, blueberries and now I have to find something else that's really hard to spell!

  3. rodger says:

    You guys have come a long way from tearing flowers out of the ground – but your still pretty cute!

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