People get pretty obsessed with babywearing, and I get it. It makes life so much easier! There are few things worse than pushing a stroller through a crowd. I’d much rather take off, baby on my back, and have him view the world from my perspective. Sure, there are times I want a stroller: shopping is one, to hold stuff. But there are so many more things I love about wearing Jacob.

I thought I’d give an overview of what we are using these days.

Here is a post I wrote in April 2012, while still using the Moby wrap. My experience since then has been much more extensive! I said I didn’t think I could wear a 35-pound baby, and yet Jacob is almost 30 pounds and we are going strong!

Here is a post I wrote explaining all about babywearing as well. I included a lot of action shots.

As it turned out, I stopped using the Moby around 15 pounds. The stretchy material seemed so scary with my squirmy, back-bending boy. I moved on to a size 6 BB Slen in pineapple (the skinny, multicolor stripes below). I mastered a front and back carry and was on my way. I have since added a girasol Donau ring sling (not pictured but click on link here to see it), a girasol amitola shorty (the rainbow-y one below), a mesh water ring sling, and most recently the toddler-size Tula I just posted about.

Trying to decide what is the best carrier for your family? Well, you can ask me. You can also ask an expert. Go to and email a PaxMommy! They are so very helpful and nice. The online store has everything you would ever want or need, plus accessories and so much more.
You can also join a babywearing group. I am a part of SoCal Babywearers on Facebook. It’s a great support community.









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