Cleaning sweater UGGS

I am posting about this because I searched for it unsuccessfully before!

I have had brown “cardy” UGGS for a few years now. They were my first pair, and EVERYONE told me you don’t have to wear socks with UGGS. Sure. Maybe you don’t. But after a few years I’m sure any shoe would start to smell, and mine did. I was trying to look online and find out how to clean them, with no real luck. I kept reading to take the removable insole out (my pair did NOT have a removable insole) and replace it. I was debating just tossing them out, and thought I’d try the good ol’ washing machine as a last-ditch effort. I threw them in, crossed my fingers, and took them out. They smelled pretty gross (like a wet sheep!) but I stuffed them with dryer sheets and dish towels and set them out in the sun. It took them a couple of days to dry, but dry they did — and beautifully! The smell is long gone, and the knit material and suede patch on the heel washed and dried wonderfully. They look like new!

FYI: I used a small amount of normal detergent. Also, they feel tighter than before – I’m sure the wool tightened and will loosen with wear.

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