Closet disaster and makeover

So any of you that are on FB know that my closet broke last week. It snapped in the middle of the night and scared me half to death. It was terrifying, and sent a shower of shoes flying all over.
Here is the carnage:

So the pole separated from the wall on the left.

It warped the shelf above which is what sent my shoes flying.
Can you see where the pole used to connect? It’s a brown circle, not too easy to spot.
So I took everything out of the closet. This was NOT easy.
J replaced the pole with two metal poles anchored by a nice piece of melamine in the middle. I am going to say that this was easy, mainly because J doesn’t read this blog. 🙂 
[evil laugh]
Then I proceeded to put everything back. Also NOT easy.
Now I have what J calls “OCD” shoe boxes. I plan on photographing my shoes and affixing a picture of each pair on the box it is in; it was Nora’s brilliant idea and I love it!
J also teased me about my hat collection. Umm skin cancer is not hot, okay?
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