4D Ultrasound Pictures!

Today was our 4D ultrasound!


We went with the help and support of Jeff and TJ (Josh’s cousin and his wife) who loved theirs, and gifted us toward the ultrasound so we could get the “extras” like this cd of pictures!

He was a very stubborn baby, so it was really kind of nerve-wracking at first thinking we might not get a single good picture.  His face was squished up against the placenta and he wouldn’t budge. You’ll see that in the pictures below; it looks like an enveloping cloud or a scallop shell. Finally he moved a bit and we got some glimpses of his face. We saw him make some facial expressions, wiggle his fingers, and move his mouth around. We were curious to see whose nose he would have, and in some pictures, it looks like he has Josh’s, in others, mine.

Josh's nose?

My nose?

Napping...? This looks like my nose!

So who do you think he looks like?


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3 Responses to 4D Ultrasound Pictures!

  1. Lisa Marie Cooper says:

    He is sooooo cute! Personally, I think he looks like ME.

  2. Shar says:

    I love the technology they have these days! What a precious baby he is. I bet that was just the most amazing thing to see him move his fingers. Thanks for sharing. we love it ❤

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