Baby Shower…Part I

I have a lot of pictures to share and things to say about the shower, and I’m starting now!

The guestbook is a children's book that Nora's dad loves to give as a gift.

First with the guestbook: rather than a regular sign-in book, hostess Nora chose a favorite family children’s book of poems for guests to sign. I hope one day Jake can read all of the cute inscriptions and smile.

These pictures are mostly of me, opening gifts, so I am sorry if you get tired of looking at my face! haha. I tried to condense into collages, but some of the gifts are so cute I have to share.

*By the way: all pictures by Brittany! Thank you, Britt! You did a great job.*

Above: my Aunt Kere’, Trasie, her granddaughter Adelynn, and my mom. Above them, pretty paper flowers made my my mom’s “craft angels.” She hosted a craft day and some wonderful ladies came and worked on those for hours.

Some details from the cute cupcake stand covered in delicious cupcakes!

Sunflowers from the centerpieces

A better view of the table: you can see the books in baskets on the left, "fortune" cards for predictions about the baby, extra bookplates and nametags.

I love the facial expressions on Lisa and TJ!

Guess who this is from? (my brother)

PERFECT artwork for Jake's room from my mom!

A view from the back, pom-poms, Kailie and Bree, Nora addresses the crowd

Laci, Linda, and Liz

Charlotte, Lori, Violet, Bree, Trasie, Carlee, (and some tiny shoes)

On the pirate octopus toy above: first of all, it’s out of control adorable (thank you, Ashley, Abby, and Avery P.!) but we discovered that Koal likes it as well. Sunday night we ran out for dinner, and Koal stuck his nose into the giftbags, found Mr. Octopus, and carried him through the doggie door and into his outside bed. Thankfully, Josh saved him before any chewing or drooling happened. Josh said,”in Koal’s defense, it looks really fun!”

The "Mommy's Rockstar" bag contained all guitar-themed little clothes and rocker jeans! SO CUTE! From my mom's cousin Sandy and her daughter, Jen. Also, Nancy and my Aunt Kelly watch the gifts, and Nora looks on.

My mom holds Addie, onesie with bow tie and suspenders (thanks, Spring and Mason!), Charlotte, Lisa and TJ on gift duty, Nora and I have a moment...

Homemade receiving blanket from Kelly and a homemade quilt from Gail, at the bottom right Mary and Kelly look on (with Ashley in the background)

So those are the highlights of the pictures on my camera…hopefully I will be posting more, but I thought I’d enclose some thoughts. Sunday was such a wonderful day. If you were there, thank you. I can’t tell you how much it means to both Josh and I that you all took time from your precious Sundays to give Jacob a warm reception and preview of the love he’ll have. It means so much to me that we have so many people in our lives who are excited for us and with us! I know I’ve written on this topic before, but it’s so telling at times like these just who loves you and cares for you, and it is in times like these that you learn who you should, in turn, lavish with love and attention. These events are guideposts in your life, directing you on a path toward strong, mutually-loving relationships. I think it is important to take stock of your life, and those in it, and make sure that you are giving your time and attention to the right relationships. I try to do this.

For one, how can I ever thank Nora for hosting this beautiful shower? In case you don’t know, Nora and her husband Eric just finished remodeling almost their entire house right before the shower! They literally just planted grass seed last week (which I hope wasn’t ruined). Her mom drove down from Pasadena and stayed all day as well. I just don’t know how you can ever thank someone for doing such a selfless thing. And, the shower was so beautiful…I can’t believe it, still.

To the ladies who came and helped my mom craft, Linda for all of her help (and supporting words, and listening), Niki and Lynn for making food (with labels) and driving so far, Gaelyn and Gail for making delicious dishes, the cupcake gals – Trasie, Katie, Lindsay, and Kate, TJ for writing down four pages of gifts, my grandma and Aunt Kere for bringing food, helping with set-up, and taking a huge carload of gifts back to my house, also to my Aunt Kere for the beautiful invitations, Laci and her beautiful fruit tray, Renee for the cookies (which I will have pictures of!)…and anyone else who I may not know did something fantastic (please tell me so I can thank you)…words just do not come close to expressing how grateful I am. Thank you for loving and caring for Josh, Jacob, and I. I have a special place in my heart for you.

To everyone whose happy face I saw on Sunday – please know that you are loved and held dear in this household forever and ever! I adore each and every last one of you. I think almost 70 people came on Sunday, and all I can say is: how did I get so lucky?! I am definitely counting my lucky stars.



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1 Response to Baby Shower…Part I

  1. Kim Ward says:

    I think it was just a perfect day!! Thanks Nora…and Maggie for everything!! Congrats Korey!! I hope you loved every minute!!

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