Jacob’s 4th Birthday Party: Under Construction

Jacob chose the theme for his fourth birthday party soon after his third. He LOVED having a party for his birthday, and after his third birthday train party, he was on cloud nine. He told everyone we met about it. He even told me about the party and how I “should have been there.” I latched on to the construction idea, and when it was time to plan, the ideas were flowing. Unfortunately, between the difference in life with 2 kids this year and one being a small baby, and the business of the holidays, and the fact that I was sick from about Thanksgiving until mid-January, I didn’t have as much time to dedicate to this party as I would have liked. Most of the party details came together at the last minute, with help, and some were not finished. BUT! It was super fun and Jacob just absolutely loved it. I don’t think he could have had a better time. It seemed like all the kids were engaged and having fun, and with nary a bounce house in sight. Imagine that. 😉

The details

The awesomest detail, to me, was this wrecking ball. The post is made from last year’s train crossing sign and a tetherball spray-painted black (thanks, dad!). The “building” pieces are salvaged cardboard boxes covered in brick-printed backdrop plastic. My rockstar next-door neighbors came over the day before the party and helped me to wrap them.


This photo prop was borrowed from Lisa’s friend! So CUTE!IMG_5084

A tarp, some pea gravel, and Jacob’s Tonka trucks. In the foreground, Jacob’s table has some temporary tattoos waiting to be applied.IMG_5086

This slightly unfinished task is hammering using up-cycled golf tees and foam floral blocks from the 99 cent store. The rubber mallets are also from the 99 cent store. The plan paper is recycled from Josh’s work, and the bricks are from Home Depot.IMG_5087

99 cent store paintbrushes come three to a pack, and were great for this “water painting” craft. Kids can “paint” the concrete with water. Temporary and mess-free!IMG_5088

Jacob’s birthday gift from Bop and Mimi came in handy! Sand play for the kids with CAT vehicles also from…you guessed it…the 99 cent store. And they are still being played with of course!IMG_5089IMG_5090IMG_5091

Setting up…IMG_5093

The table below is where I set up the food. We had a chili bar and a nacho bar–both things were supplied along with toppings and paper trays.IMG_5094

Jacob absolutely loved each play station!IMG_5095IMG_5097IMG_5098IMG_5100IMG_5101IMG_5102IMG_5106IMG_5107IMG_5109IMG_5111IMG_5115IMG_5116

The favors for each child consisted of a Home Depot tool apron (77 cents), a slap bracelet, construction pencil, and a tool-shaped lollipop.IMG_5117IMG_5119

The cake was a homemade chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream which is being excavated by a CAT digger.IMG_5120

My awesome neighbors helped me to make these adorable wafer trucks.IMG_5121

Chocolate donuts for “spare tires.”

The awesome paper big rig was an online deal I found on Zulily. It made noise and came with the cute “car” cupcake carriers. It is made by Meri Meri.IMG_5124

A quickly-made sign; the actual banner portion is from Target.IMG_5125IMG_5126IMG_5127

Each child guest had a hard hat (Oriental Trading Co. ) with his or her name on it.IMG_5128IMG_5129IMG_5131IMG_5132IMG_5133IMG_5134IMG_5135IMG_5137IMG_5138IMG_5139IMG_5140

My “centerpieces” consisted of plans, squeezy construction toys for the youngest guests, and the hard hats.IMG_5141IMG_5142IMG_5143IMG_5144IMG_5145IMG_5146IMG_5147

These wet paintbrushes come courtesy of my Mime’ and cousin Charlotte. So cute!IMG_5148IMG_5149IMG_5150IMG_5151IMG_5152IMG_5153

I found the cone candles on Amazon.IMG_5154

Per usual, homemade cupcakes in chocolate and funfetti with chocolate buttercream and marshmallow buttercream frosting. The sprinkles are conveniently yellow, orange and white, and Charlotte keenly noticed that they *may* have been Halloween sprinkles. 🙂 Whatever works!IMG_5155

Cupcake wrappers from Oriental Trading.IMG_5156IMG_5157

Lisa kindly decorated this cupcake stand to suit the party. Thanks, friend!IMG_5158IMG_5159IMG_5160IMG_5161IMG_5162IMG_5163

Here is Lisa with my baby. ❤IMG_5164

Since Jacob’s birthday falls in mid-December, I can only decorate the house so much, as it is already decorated for Christmas. But it’s a nice time to have guests when your house is extra cheery!IMG_5165IMG_5170IMG_5168IMG_5161IMG_5166







JJacob and Cassidy. 



  Even baby brother was dressed for the theme. 



  A beautiful card made by Gina. 


  Garland by Meri Meri. 



  And the beautiful sign painted by Lisa. 

 That’s it for this post! I hope you enjoyed it. Questions? Leave them in the comments. I’m happy to help you put on this little boy’s dream party!

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4 Responses to Jacob’s 4th Birthday Party: Under Construction

  1. This is amazing! I love all the details, especially the food. It really does look like a little boy’s dream party!

  2. Wendy says:

    This is amazing! Thanks for sharing all the pictures! I’d love to know how you made the wrecking ball post. Thanks!!

    • joshandkorey says:

      It’s a 4″x4″ square (I believe) post on a wooden base that was cut from plywood. I recommend going pretty wide with the base in case kids get rowdy. The wrecking ball is a tether ball painted black. If you wanted to get really fancy, I think a tether ball post would be fantastic, and you could sink it into a bucket of wet concrete. My husband would think I was crazy if I tried to do that. 🙂

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