Three years <3

We’ve been rehashing our wedding this week in honor of our third anniversary, and I thought I’d share a recap with you all.It started with a rehearsal…And rehearsal dinner…

We started with a rehearsal...

The gals stayed in a hotel, and we were up bright and early to pack up and head off to the venue.

The beautification process began…And then our guests arrived.And we saw each other…And we walked down the aisle…We said “I do.”And we had a lot of fun.And so far, for these three years, we’ve lived happily ever after. Our lives have had plenty of joyful moments, and some hard ones, too. Throughout it all, we have never forgotten the joy we had on this day. Tuesday night we looked at wedding pictures and we laughed and smiled. Of course it’s so much more than this one day. It’s all of the hard and the mediocre days in between. Those days are what make a marriage great. Josh is the person I count on, more than any other, to be there for me. He’s my rock. He is this incredible constant for me. He is my home. And best of all, he is still able to make me laugh until I cry.

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