Jacob: Three Months Old!

I can’t believe it’s been three months since this little one joined us. He is such a different boy from the baby we had three months ago. He is energetic, playful, curious, and SQUIRMY. He will not sit still! At the same time, he’s getting more snuggly as time goes by, which is very sweet. He still fights sleep, even more than before, because he’s so interested in the world around him. I have to put him to sleep — there is no laying down and napping for his baby. I pay the price if he doesn’t sleep during the day as well. He is very hard to put to sleep. My grandmother (Mime’) has the best tactic — she sings and rocks him with a receiving blanket covering his face so he can relax and go to sleep!

He is very vocal, and loves when we imitate his noises back to him. He will have a whole “conversation” that way. He kicks his legs like crazy, and stands on us all the time. He’s very strong! He can’t be swaddled in blankets anymore–he kicks them off. He has even managed to kick his way out of the velcro swaddles! He loves to kick blankets off of him, in fact, so I make sure he’s always wearing socks or booties. 🙂


The biggest progress he’s made is that he can now pick up toys. He will grab a little football he has and bring it up to his face and try to eat it. Basically he’s discovered how to bring items to his mouth so he can put them in his mouth. Image

He's not ready for the Bumbo chair yet...hehe.

Love those chunky thighs!


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