6 months old!!

Can you believe my little man is already 6 months old?! I can’t! If the first half of the year could go by so quickly, I should worry about the second half.

He is such a sweet, good baby. He wakes up with a smile and does about a million more of them during the day. He laughs like crazy and his dimples and giggles make friends him wherever we go.  I feel like it’s about twice a week that a random woman in a store is enthralled with him and says “you’re such a flirt, aren’t you!?” He still doesn’t like to nap, but I have a set of tricks that I use. Actually, Josh has gained “Baby Whisperer” status with his no-fail system of putting the little guy to sleep. Jacob snores all night long, and makes little whimpery noises; he wakes up cooing and smiling. Everything makes him happy!

He is insatiably curious. Everything around him is new and interesting, and he wants to touch and taste all of it! He will reach for anything nearby and grab it in a flash. His hand-eye coordination is really great at this point, and he also has his own set of methods for getting things he wants to touch. If something is sitting on top of another, larger object, he understands that pulling the bottom object toward him will slide the top one with it. He understands when something is on a string or chain that he can pull it up using that chain. Sometimes he tries to get me closer by pulling my nose or bottom lip. That hurts. He has pinched me and hit me in the face with a toy as well. He is very physical and intentional. He is in constant motion, and needs new things to grab and see constantly.

…and now we eat the sticker. We’re done with that sticker!

He can roll both ways now with ease, and can squirm all across the floor! He moves so much that I really can’t take my eyes  off of him! He seems so close to crawling, and like he wants a better way of moving, but doesn’t yet know that he can (and let’s keep it that way!) He grabs things and pulls himself up and over them. I think the changing table may be a thing of the past now as he likes to roll over as soon as I set him down. I am standing right there next to him, holding him, and he will grab the edge of the changing pad and use it to propel himself over onto his tummy. It makes changing his diaper an adventure, to say the least.

He is sitting up now, as you can see in these pictures. He can do it, but it never lasts long, as he has more motion on his belly, and will flop down like a fish and then squiggle over to some exciting item. Nothing on earth is more exciting than whatever you don’t want him to have. His toys pale in comparison to the world’s MOST EXCITING OBJECT: tissue paper! (He also likes paper towels and tissues) He will rip each sheet with a grunt and a look of exultation, then move on to the next until he’s sitting in a pile of shreds.

In addition to his “raspberries” and shrieks, he has now added “mamamamamama” to his repertoire of sounds. I am not counting this as a first word, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’ve been saying both “mama” and “Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma” to him over and over, and when he gets his most upset he lets out this “mmm-mm–mmaamamama” sound instead of crying. [It works on me, too. ;)] He makes other syllabic noises like “dd-dd-dd” and “bb-bb-bb.”

Blue steel?


As you have probably also noticed, he has gotten two teeth!! He was only mildly cranky during that time, and then BAM! toofers. 🙂 They are very sharp, and I discourage anyone from putting his or her hand into Jacob’s mouth. He might bite you; it will hurt.

He is eating now as well! I started him right around 6 months on baby oatmeal, and then my home-made sweet potatoes, pears, and prunes (not homemade because, well, yuck). He will be sampling my homemade apples tonight! He LOVES to eat. I will post on this at a later date because he is such a great eater, it’s kind of amazing. He was definitely ready! He opens his mouth like a baby bird and leans in for the spoon. We have very little mess (unless his hands get in the bowl) because he swallows almost all of it! I was shocked. I guess I’ll have a foodie on my hands. 🙂

Over all, my Jacob is a delight, and each day with him is a gift. He gets more fun every day. My biggest joy is watching him explore his world. The thing I was most excited about to have children was to introduce them to new things and watch them “figure it out” and I love that he’s already in that stage (with a lot of time to go!) He is cuddly, cute, and sweet. I just can’t get enough. I feel so fortunate that I am able to be with him all day, and have to thank Josh for being such a great provider. We are truly blessed!!



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2 Responses to 6 months old!!

  1. Kim Ward says:

    He just can’t be any cuter!! I love him so much!!

  2. Kere Shook says:

    He is absolutely adorable!

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