The new Friday night

Allow me to set the scene: it’s Friday evening. Josh and I are going to go out to dinner, a commonplace event for us. I am dressed and make-up-“ed” and we are going to leave soon.

Except we are playing with a six-month-old baby.

While waiting for Linda to arrive to watch him while we go out (a warm meal! Conversation!) I hand Jacob to Josh so that I can get Jacob’s dinner ready (oatmeal yum). They are laying together on the office floor, Jacob OB Josh’s chest.

“Korey!” Josh yells.
“Is something wrong?”
“Jake is making a face I’ve never seen. You’d better come check him out!”
“Can you describe the face?”
“Well he is puckering his lips and smacking them while staring off into space” Josh says as I approach.

I take one look at the face and I know what it is.

“I’m pretty sure he’s pooping.” I say.
“ON ME?!” he tells. “ARE YOU KIDDING?! Get him off me!”
“Well it’s not like he pooped on you. You should take it as a compliment!”

So if you think it’s a glamorous life, ours with this child, think again!

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