Dinner with shopping list

This post will give you a meal idea and shopping list. This is a more “special occasion” meal–not because it’s difficult but because of the calorie count. I definitely don’t cook like this every day!
All recipes from Pioneer Woman Cooks unless stated.





Summer Harvest Salad: (my recipe)
Spring mix
Golden delicious apples
Peach, cut up
Gorgonzola cheese
Grapes (I used beautiful concord grapes from the farmers’ market)
Dressing: I used olive oil and peach-infused balsamic vinegar; I think champagne vinegar would be a good substitution here. If you don’t already own champagne vinegar you could use red wine, but it’s worth investing in!

Pesto Cream Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes
[The original recipe calls for you to make the pesto sauce by scratch; I used pre-made as a shortcut.]
Pesto sauce
Heavy cream
Fresh shredded Parmesan
Cavatappi pasta

Garlicky Green Beans (my recipe):
Green beans
Crushed garlic
Kosher salt/sea salt

Rib-Eye Steaks with Onion Blue Cheese Sauce:
[I used Gorgonzola, which you already have from the salad recipe]
Heavy cream (you already have this for the pasta above)
One sliced onion

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