Dinner! BBQ Meatball Sandwiches

This dinner started with this recipe:

BBQ Meatball SlidersBBQ Meatball Sliders

I made a ton of meatballs and froze enough for several other dinners. I made sandwiches instead of sliders using ciabatta rolls. Instead of the cole slaw I made a simple red cabbage slaw which tastes great on the sandwich. I also sautéed some white mushrooms. I served it alongside barbecued corn, garlic fries, and a pasta salad. Yum!! The garlic fries are frozen from Trader Joe’s. I cooked all of this on the barbecue since it’s been so hot. The meatballs I grilled on a piece of foil, the fries in a barbecue basket. I grilled the soaked corn in the husk, and the rolls on the top rack of the grill.




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