Josh turns 30 with some help…

My wonderful husband turned 30 today. We celebrated joyfully…Saturday we had a family dinner with both sets of parents and siblings…EXCEPT Josh’s sister Laci and her husband were missing because they were in the hospital being induced! (I’ll get to that in a minute)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Dinner was great, and we followed it with homemade ice cream cake at our house, and gifts. Josh surprised ME (and it wasn’t my birthday!) by asking everyone for his gift to contribute to Disneyland passes! I’m so excited!! Of course I got Josh a bike for his birthday, so he is all set there. But surprise! I also made a slideshow video of his life. I’ll try to get it on YouTube this week.





Today on his actual birthday we celebrated again. Jacob and I took him out to lunch, and when he got home we had a festive table set and made him a special dinner.

This is a butterflied rib eye, or a “sweetheart steak.”



20130211-220600.jpgAfter dinner, we went to the hospital to visit MY NIECE Alexis, who was born on Josh’s 30th birthday. 🙂 How special is that?!


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