Big Bear Lake, Part I

This could be a record for me–going on vacation and already posting pictures just days afterward!?


Hiking Castle Rock


The view from Castle Rock


He was smelling the flower, but smelling turned to tasting…

We had a lot of fun hiking, boating, biking (not me), talking, eating, dancing (Jacob) and just relaxing!

IMG_2938 IMG_2937 IMG_2933 IMG_2932 IMG_2921 IMG_2923 IMG_2920 IMG_2919 IMG_2917 IMG_2915 IMG_2913 With Uncle DillonIMG_2911


He was not into having his picture taken, despite the gorgeous lightIMG_2905

Kurt paddleboarding
IMG_2901 IMG_2900 IMG_2899 IMG_2898 IMG_2891 IMG_2887 IMG_2878 IMG_2827 IMG_2873 IMG_2861

Watching the big boys playIMG_2850 IMG_2844 IMG_2826 IMG_2836

Sniff, sniffIMG_2834

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