Indian Summer

We took advantage of the warm days of October to go down to Old Man’s beach in San Onofre for an afternoon of surfing and BBQ’ing. We were joined by Josh’s parents, my parents, and our great friends Layton and Katie, with their daughter Elizabeth. Jacob and Elizabeth get along really well, so of course they were very cute. The weather was gorgeous, and we had a great time.

IMG_4655 IMG_4673 IMG_4674 IMG_4675 IMG_4678 IMG_4681 IMG_4691 IMG_4694 IMG_4696 IMG_4697 IMG_4699 IMG_4700 IMG_4701 IMG_4719 IMG_4726 IMG_4731 IMG_4760 IMG_4762 IMG_4766 IMG_4773 IMG_4779 IMG_4792 IMG_4810 IMG_4813 IMG_4814 IMG_4815 IMG_4827 IMG_4830 IMG_4862 IMG_4864 IMG_4870 IMG_4879 IMG_4882 IMG_4884 IMG_4891

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