The nursery becomes a busy toddler room

Jacob’s room has transformed to meet his needs (playing, sleeping, and hiding hehe). The baby furniture is safely packed away for possible future use, and Jacob’s room is all about fun now.
Here is a link to pictures of the nursery so you can be reminded of what it looked like:
FINALLY – The Nursery |

He has his toddler bed with the beautiful quilt from my friend Emily and her mom, Patti (hi!) with his Build-a-bear monkey that has Josh’s and my voice in it telling him we love him. He has tons of books, most of which I’ve tried to make accessible for him since he loves them. He has a little table and chair covered in recycled plan paper so he can color or sticker to his heart’s content. He can hide in his castle tent. Josh and Jacob made the rack (like a coat tree) this weekend that is holding his fun boy dress-up clothes (construction vest and tool belt, pirate hat, glasses, fedora, fireman suit…)

And here are some of his “new” room!













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