Home Tour Update!

I did it! Well, half of it…

If you are new to the blog (and “new” isn’t really accurate…I haven’t posted about our house very much since Jacob was born!) you may not know about it, so I’ll try to catch you up. We bought this house in September, 2010 in Orange, CA. It was definitely a fixer-upper.

This is a photo overview I made of the house pretty much as we bought it:

Those fabulous before pictures!

And one more picture of the kitchen:

Old kitchen

*If you would like to see progress pictures, just click on “new house” on the right sidebar. It will get you to all of the posts about this house from newest to oldest. There are some gems!

In this first video, I focus on the first half of the house, which we worked on last, actually. I apologize for my froggy voice…I have an upper respiratory infection. Also, my narration is really…slow. Probably because I was focusing on filming? Or tired? Sorry.

Quite a transformation, don’t you think?

Look at these “befores” one more time to really appreciate it all. 🙂

New House photos! New House photos! New House photos!

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  1. Nathan says:

    I’ll be sure to use the commercial-grade hand sanitizer next time

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