Gender Reveal

The moment we’ve all been waiting for…

Josh and I went to the doctor today for an ultrasound, and got the news we have been desiring for all these 16 weeks.

“Do you want to know the  gender?” the technician asked. For some weird reason, I paused and looked at Josh (ummm of course I want to know!). He said, firmly: “YES.”

I had been teasing him that his reaction to this one had to be as excited as his reaction to finding out that Jacob was a boy. That day, after months of saying that “he didn’t care, so long as the baby was healthy,” he jumped from his chair with a loud “yesss!” But this time…I mean, we just didn’t really care. I had my reasons for wanting either a boy or a girl, (The girl reasons were mainly about shopping) and really, honestly and truly, we just want a healthy baby.

For the record, Jacob said he wants “a boy baby like a Jacob.”

In case you want to figure this out/guess on your own right now:


(Please ignore the missing letter above…I was trying to keep the paper away from Jacob while writing it).


Baby O2 Gender Reveal

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