20 weeks

The halfway point! Already?!
I can’t believe it, but we made it to the halfway mark. Three more weeks to the “viability” date, and of course, a goal of twenty more weeks and a full-term guy. (39 weeks says March of Dimes)
I had an appointment this week wherein we discussed my headaches (maybe get a massage?), numbness in my hands (should peak at 28 weeks–so this could get worse?!?!), and my other small concerns; it seems they all come with the territory. I am developing something called SPD, which is a painful stretching of the hips in opposition. I got a sort of brace, and I tough it out. I’m still very sensitive to smells–today I gave my mom 80% of my scented products as I can no longer smell most of them without gagging. I’m tired, my feet hurt, but I can deal with all of that!
I’m making progress on some nursery projects which I can’t wait to share–maybe this weekend? Until then, here are the belly pics.

And here is our charming young man:



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4 Responses to 20 weeks

  1. familygblog says:

    Congrats! I hope the next 20 weeks fly in for you! Xx

  2. michele says:

    You look Beautiful

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