22 weeks

Well, I’m sorry to have noticed a week late that I didn’t finish this post.
Of course, I was quite busy last Friday, flying to Detroit and all.
Anyhow, 22 weeks! Here’s the latest news:
Baby is moving a lot. It is the best. I have already forgotten about whatever was bad about being pregnant (throwing up?) đŸ™‚
I am currently craving cereal with strawberries and bananas. In a way that a single day without having this for breakfast is unimaginable. I will go to great lengths to procure good strawberries. I’m using plain Cheerios at the moment, but just so we all know, I would prefer something sugary. Just say no!
I think I was tired, you know, before I got flu that has taken me out of commission for days. Before flying to Michigan and arriving at 1:30 am on Saturday just to leave there Sunday at 4:00 pm. I think I was going to tell you that I was tired.
I’ve been rather cranky. I hate to admit this…and it could just be life and exhaustion and the zaniness of living with a toddler, but it’s true. I’ve had a few moments where I just. Can’t. Deal. This didn’t ever happen to me when I was pregnant with Jacob, but life was much different then… Hehe.
Oh my hands still get numb, my feet hurt, and I have a lot of round ligament pain, but overall I would say I’m doing pretty great. The flu took me off of my feet for three straight days, and I’m still feeling quite poorly, but that’s just the flu on a compromised immune system. I’m actually really grateful that it hit as I was leaving Michigan and didn’t interrupt my brief time there.
Baby is as big as a papaya, but much more active! Imagine a kickboxing papaya…especially after I drink orange juice.
We still haven’t settled on a name. I imagine we will at some point…

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  1. Kim ward says:

    You look great Sweetie!!

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