The day Jacob picked our dinner 

today Jacob and I went to the grocery store. I picked this particular store because they have child-sizes shopping carts, and Jacob loves them. He and I did some serious produce shopping and he got to pick some snacks for himself (but I had to step in when he put five clusters of bananas in his cart). When the sprinklers turned on to mist the produce he was amazed. I said that the water makes the vegetables happy…so he patted some cucumbers and asked “are you happy now, little cucumbers?!”

At the back of the store he picked up a package containing a very pricey steak. Jacob has never eaten steak…he isn’t much of a meat eater at all, and typically will not eat anything identifiably “meat.” (This includes poultry). But today he held it up proudly and said “this is what I’ve been looking for! Meat!” 

“Sorry, buddy, but that isn’t on our list.” I said. And then he put it up to his mouth. I heard the plastic squeak. He did put it back and started off in another direction with his cart. I picked it up to make sure he hadn’t broken the plastic wrap and that’s when I saw it: he had bitten the steak. There was a perfect impression in the meat of both rows of teeth. 

Tonight, josh and I enjoyed a USDA prime, thick-cut, boneless New York steak, cooked beautifully. I definitely didn’t have that in mind for tonight, but it was delicious. He actually picked a great steak. I wouldn’t have spent the money on it, so I suppose he did us a favor? 🙂


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1 Response to The day Jacob picked our dinner 

  1. Kim ward says:

    He is such a character!!

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