32 weeks

well…all I have for week 32 is this one sad picture collage, I’m afraid:

I had planned to take pictures Monday when I was dressed and ready which included my face and all…I took these to show how great and comfortable I am wearing a woven wrap as belly support…and this is all I am likely to have for a while. Because…

I broke my ankle. And now I’m in bed. WAAAHHHHH!!!! 

So 32 weeks…baby weighs over 3.5 pounds (on average at this point). I had a checkup last Thursday in which I heard that heartbeat pounding away. 🙂 I am doing daily kick counts to track his movement. They make me nervous rather than reassured, though. They should be reassuring, but each time I worry that he won’t kick enough in the time span and oh my gosh what if he doesn’t?!?! 

The appointment was pretty quick and routine. I will now go to the doctor every two weeks, and in June, weekly. I’m hoping this sweet boy stays comfortable and hangs out as long as possible, because I want to recover! I just finished the necessary house projects I needed to complete in order to work on baby’s nursery…I saved the best for last and now I don’t get to do it. 😭 Well, more on that later. 

I’ve been joking that this baby will be my calm one…my sleeper. So far, he seems to be. He has active times, and it’s almost always when the sun is up. Otherwise he seems to sleep at night and doesn’t wake me at 3 am like Jacob did. So I might be right…

I’m still having heartburn and curious to see if it is truly an omen that this baby will have hair! Then maybe j won’t feel like I’m “having Jacob again” which is kind of how I feel now. 😉

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