Jacob the bike rider!

He rode that little tricycle into the ground. 


And he has asked for a bike with pedals and training wheels. So naturally, daddy was all over that! Off we went at once to Jax Bicycle Center to procure the grown up bike. With 12″ wheels, coaster brakes, and a really adorable robot motif, the new bike is quite the spectacle around these parts. Jacob’s first Trek! 

His first day of riding he spent about thirty minutes trying to figure out pedaling. You see, this is a chain-driven bike, not just momentum like the tricycle, and the coaster brakes were tricky for a kid who is used to being able to spin the pedals backward. But very quickly he was off! I was amazed at how quickly he picked it up! With no fear he pedals confidently down the sidewalk at full speed. He didn’t figure out how to purposefully brake for a while and he didn’t care! He just trusted daddoo to catch and stop him, or ran into something to stop. đŸ˜‰


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