40 weeks

40 weeks have come and gone, and there is no baby yet! But that’s okay; he is welcome when ready. 

In the meantime, my ankle is doing better everyday. Weird parts hurt (like my inner arch?) and it still swells daily. I have been walking without the cane more around the house, and it feels absolutely amazing to be mobile. Sure, it’s very uncomfortable. But who cares?? I’m walking!!! 

Baby boy has a deadline of 7/3 before he will be evicted, so no matter what, it won’t be long now! It is still hard to believe. I guess I stared to feel like he would never come and I would be pregnant forever (oh the horror!). I can’t really believe a baby is coming to live here. I’m worried–about having a newborn again, breastfeeding, handling two kids, not sleeping, Jacob’s feelings…that’s a lot of worry. But whenever I see Jacob’s face light up when he tells me how excited he is to see baby brother Sweetieheart Jackson and how much he loves him, I know we will make it work. We always do. ❤️

40 w 4 d:


For now, please say a prayer for baby brother’s safe arrival and for Jacob’s little heart. He is a sensitive boy, and I don’t want him to feel lost in the shuffle. 

And we wait…😃

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2 Responses to 40 weeks

  1. I love that strapless dress! Very cute. Congrats!!! I’m having my second boy in Oct and I feel some of the sames stresses and pressures as you do. We can do it!

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