Perfect beach evening 

 We gathered up the family for a beach trip. It was Jackson’s first time at the beach. I couldnt help but think of our last trip there…it wasn’t long ago in reality, about two months, but life was so much different. We talked about how we wished we had brought Koal (dogs aren’t technically allowed on the sand but another large dog was hanging out happily and we wouldn’t have had an issue). I had to be carried over the sand as I couldn’t walk or use a walker on sand. My family was visiting from Michigan. The sunset was beautiful.  I was pregnant. It had just been my birthday. 

Weeks pass and it felt like we had just been there, but so much had changed. Koal has passed away. We have a baby and are now a family of four. I can walk! My out of town relatives are back home, but the rest of the family is here, the beach is still warm and beautiful, and little else has changed. Oh but the changes we have experienced are big ones. They don’t get much bigger. 













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