Two Months Old

Mr. Jackson is two months old.

IMG_0909 edit

Look at that beautiful head.IMG_0912 edit

Much of his hair has fallen out, but he is growing some thin, long strands on the top of his head, and I think they are curly! I hope I hope.IMG_0924 edit

Bright and beautiful blue eyes.IMG_0945 edit

He is such a happy baby! We have heard him cry now a few times, and it is weird to hear and remember that he’s a newborn–it’s such a newborn cry. In fact, it’s really awful to hear. I can’t stand for him to ever have anything to cry about. Thankfully it’s not often that he has a reason, but when he does, it’s usually when he’s in his carseat and I’m driving. đŸ˜¦Â IMG_0960 edit IMG_0965 edit

He’s really filling out now. His thighs are deliciously chunky and squeezable. Just last week, my best friend Lisa came over, and she was telling me how her gorgeous daughter Cassidy had legs that looked just like Jackson’s, and that she remembered the pediatrician saying “she has two rolls now, but I think she’s going to be a three-roll girl.” Sure enough, another fold appeared and she was, in fact, a three-roll girl. So yesterday I had to send Lisa a picture of his thigh with the caption “the third roll cometh!” He is soft and squishy and just wonderful to hold. He is not the easiest little baby to hold, though: he’s very squirmy for such a young baby. He will kick and arch his back and then suddenly throw his head in another direction, which is quite disconcerting for the person holding him! He’s very strong and his head control is scary sometimes as he throws his literal weight around. He weighs 13 pounds, 10 ounces now. At 14 pounds, 14 ounces, he will have doubled his birth weight, which is the goal by 6 months for a healthy baby. We are pretty close to that now!

IMG_1088 edit IMG_1097 edit IMG_1109 edit color

This guy has been smiling a lot. He smiles when anyone approaches his and talks to him, he smiles when I make funny noises, and sometimes he just smiles at nothing because he’s so happy.IMG_1174 edit IMG_1210 edit IMG_1216 edit IMG_1218 edit IMG_1223 edit IMG_1230 edit IMG_1234 edit IMG_1253 edit IMG_1257 edit

I’m still not feeling like pictures capture just how beautiful he is! I wish I could do better. I have taken some video, and perhaps that will stand the test of time. He is such an absolute joy and I am really enjoying him.

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