Prayer request

The internet can be a strange place. It can bring people together in ways you never expected. 

I was introduced to a blogger while pregnant with Jackson. She found my blog, and had recently discovered that she was pregnant with her second baby. She connected with the themes of worry and guilt about her son no longer being an only child. She followed my pregnancy on my blog, and I hers. Her second baby, it turns out, would also be a boy. She would receive that exciting news along with some less exciting news: he was diagnosed with trisomy 13, which is an extra copy of the thirteenth chromosome, causing severe health issues. This diagnosis means that she will most likely not get much time with him. Given that we were in such a similar situation and now she is plunged into a much scarier and more stressful one, I find myself thinking of her often. She has scheduled a c-section on September 24 in hopes of increasing her chances of spending time with him before he passes on. If you can spare the moment, and you’re the praying type, please say some for her. I pray that whatever experience she has on that day is perfect and beautiful. 

Click here to read a recent post on her sweet baby

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