Jackson is Three Months Old!

My little lamb is 12 weeks old. I can’t begin to describe what a joy he is, or how much I am enjoying him. Each minute I spend with him is priceless. I can’t get enough of his sweet smell, his loud breathing, or his bright smiles. He is mellow and happy all the time.

IMG_1446 B&WIMG_1866IMG_1863 editIMG_1828 editIMG_1825 editIMG_1824 editIMG_1819 editIMG_1804 editIMG_1804 ediIMG_1773 editIMG_1771 editIMG_1760 editIMG_1758 editIMG_1754 editIMG_1752 editIMG_1737 editIMG_1689IMG_1677 editIMG_1675 editIMG_1672 editIMG_1648IMG_1646

He wakes up and smiles immediately upon recognizing me. Sometimes he can’t even nurse because he is smiling too widely. IMG_1452 editHis bright eyes are expressive and full of love. IMG_1466 ediyHis fuzzy little head spins back and forth wildly as he takes in his surroundings. He is always looking around, fascinated by the world around him. 
IMG_1470 edit

When laying down, he kicks and flops and works his arms like a swimmer on dry land. Extreme motion, and then sleep.IMG_1485 edit IMG_1505 edit IMG_1513 edit IMG_1521 edit IMG_1522 edit IMG_1531 edit IMG_1532 edit IMG_1537 edit IMG_1538 edit IMG_1548 BW

He is always sucking on his hands and fingers. Sometimes his thumb gets in there, but i don’t think it’s favored over anything else. He has been reaching for and grabbing things: my necklace, my hair, my hands. He touches me and holds my fingers whenever possible. IMG_1550 edit IMG_1553 BW IMG_1554 edit IMG_1558 edit

I really think he wants to talk, and as one mom said at Jacob’s preschool today, “with a brother like Jacob, how could he help it?” He opens his mouth and moves his tongue, and puts intense concentration into making a loud sound. He squeaks and squeals, and makes conversational-soudning coos and gurgles. He sounds absolutely lovely and adorable. He is friendly and flirtatious (if a baby can be such a thing!), gathering the attention of those around him with his smiles and coos. He will make eye contact and smile, then shyly hide his face in my chest. So cute. 🙂
IMG_1563 edit IMG_1564 edit

My big boy weighs over 15 pounds (so he has more than doubled), and no longer fits in most of the 3 month clothes we have, much to my chagrin. It’s all going too fast! (Said every mom, ever). He is strong, and his kicking legs hurt if they make contact. He will whip his head away from your shoulder to look around. He can roll from his stomach to his back and his back to his stomach, although that one is hard for him, and on hard surfaces he only makes it to his side.IMG_1567 editHe is soft, squishy, and delicious. He is sweet, mellow, and patient.
IMG_1570 edit

He is friendly, happy and full of joy. He is an absolute blessing and I am thankful for him every dayIMG_1571 edit
IMG_1580 editIMG_1571 edit
IMG_1582 editIMG_1571 editIMG_1586 editIMG_1571 editIMG_1595 editIMG_1571 edit IMG_1596 edit

I’m really taken with him, in case you couldn’t tell. 🙂

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